Teku.Tech is pioneering sustainable software development, helping companies optimize their processes via bleeding edge solutions.
Latest News
- We are very pleased to announce that we have successfully passed the certification process and received a certificate confirmed by DEKRA.
- Recently we have enrolled as Microsoft Partners. Having many years of experience with Microsoft...
By Coding For Optimization, We Code For Impact
Too often, organizations are forced to choose between creating tangible impact and generating financial profit. More often than not, profit is chosen, despite the fact that most companies desire to make a social impact. Green is the way forward, but needs to be made viable and practical. At Teku.Tech, we’re driven to make ‘impact’ and ‘profit’ mutually inclusive. We do this by leveraging the power of thoughtful software development to arm impact-driven companies with effective and sustainable tools for change.
Teku.Tech is committed to helping impactful companies realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
By Coding For Impact, We Distinguish Ourselves
We set ourselves apart from the crowd because of our deep-lying commitment to synergizing impact and profit via code. This is aptly reflected across our operations – in the existing competencies and growth mindset of our team, in the sustainable ventures we partner with and finally, in our proprietary methodology towards building solutions. The Teku.Tech development approach involves critically examining each project through three key lenses – those of functionality, usability and technology.
Scalable Solutions
Streamlining processes to increase output or efficiency without hampering existing workflows.
CTO Services
Everything a Chief Technology Officer does, as a service.
Project Management
Planning, organizing, building, deploying and securing to achieve IT goals.
Regular analysis of IT infrastructure to gauge service levels, resolving any detected problems.
Our Clientele/Partnerships
When companies move towards a unified impact mission, they become partners instead of clients. We partner with sustainable startups and organizations that share our enthusiasm for creating lasting and tangible social and environmental impact through technology. Our best and most impactful work is always ahead of us and we invite sustainability-driven companies to get in touch with us to discuss potential partnerships.