The Teku.Tech philosophy
To provide superior functionality and capability, our philosophy calls to approach projects from three key angles:
To make our systems perform optimally, we believe it is essential to analyze the systems’ business logic and the users capability to perform tasks on the platform. If necessary, we adjust and re-align them to work in harmony.
Systems that check all the boxes for functionality can still be ineffective and unsustainable because of poor usability. To ensure this isn’t the case, we apply behavioural research into practical design to ensure seamless UI/UX.
The tenets of our technology philosophy are modularity, openness, optimization, disaster-proofing and platform independence

Modularity – by placing business and function units into independent structures, we can individually develop, deploy and scale them

Openness – by keeping the architecture open, we can seamlessly plug in new elements

Optimization – by constantly improving, we help scale automatically and can effectively pinpoint bottlenecks in the system

Disaster-proofing – by isolating problematic elements, we can restart containers automatically and spin up new instance as per need

Platform independence – by ensuring that the system is not overdependent on platform, we reserve the possibility of easily moving to another cloud with minimum development work

While every project is unique and customizable, the philosophy allows us to stay true to our ideas of effective and impactful design. Does this align with your organization or a practical or aspirational level? Get in touch with our team to learn how we can help you!